Transport Network


The whole district, within and from without is conveniently well connected by all weather motorable roads and is served by public and private sector transport companies like K.M.O.U. Ltd. The principal road links to the district from the railway terminals atTanakpur and Kathgodam are Tanakpur- Pithoragarh and Haldwani-Pithoragarh mettled roads with buses, jeep and other light vehicles regularly in service everyday. There are yet a few remote areas of the district possessing the wild romantic beauty of their own which an adventurer would love to explore and feel. The difficult mountainous terrain of these areas would not permit traffic of any kind except the traditional modes of Yak, Horses, mules and sheep which carry people and head load in a manner which provides the pleasure of novelty to a city-bred. The airstrip at Naini Saini at Pithoragarh is an answer to a long felt need in favour of easy accessibility to this district possessing remarkable tourism potential. Many adventures & expeditions to the distant locations of untrodden beauty did not materialize due to awe of the travel sickness associated with a long journey through serpentine hill roads. An overview of the available transport modes and systems is outlined as below :

Air : Local airport situated at Naini Saini some 5 Km away from Pithoragarh town. Nearest commencing airport is Pant Nagar in Udham Singh Nagar district.

Rail :

Nearest railway terminals are :

Tanakpur in Champawat district connected with Pithoragarh by 151 Km long motor route via Champawat and Lohaghat. Kathgodam in Nainital district connected with Pithoragarh by 212 Kilometers long motor route via Bhowali, Almora, Daniya and Rameshwar.




Road :

Below is given a list of direct motor road links to Pithoragarh from various important stations :

Agra via Kasganj 492 Km
Almora via Daniya 120 Km
Bareilly via Tanakpur 251 Km
Dehradun via Tanakpur 538 Km
Delhi via Tanakpur 503 Km
Gwaldam via Berinag 206 Km
Haldwani via Almora 218 Km
Moradabad via Khatima 329 Km
Nainital via Almora 188 Km
Pilibhit via Tanakpur 215 Km