District Pithoragarh


This is a web adapted copy of the Uttar Pradesh Gazetteer - Pithoragarh District 1967. The observations made in the documents are from the british colonial rule days and the material for drafting the first District Gazetteer of Pithoragarh was collected and compiled till 1967. The inferances, opinions drawn and observations made are of the Gazetteers and this means that the web site owners are presenting the documents as they are without either accepting or rejecting any of the observations.


  • General
  • History
  • People
  • Agriculture and Irrigation
  • Industries
  • Banking Trade and Commerce
  • Communication
  • Miscellaneous Occupations
  • Economic Trends
  • General Administration
  • Revenue Administration
  • Law and Order and Justice
  • Other Departments
  • Local Self-Government
  • Education and Culture
  • Medical and Public Health Service
  • Other Social Services
  • Public Life and Voluntary Social Service Organisations
  • Places of Interest

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