Kumaon, a land resplendent in awesome natural splendour is a jewel of the glittering Himalayan necklace. Extending from the northern end of the Ganga plains right upto Tibet, Kumaon's endless panorama of scenic wonders is nothing short of a romance with pristine and soul-lifting nature itself.

It is believed that the word "Kumaon" is derived from "Kurmanchal", which means the land of Kurmavatar (the tortoise incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Preserver of the Hindu Trinity).

In its range of natural beauty, Kumaon can be likened to a techni-colour dreamcoat; rosette dawns and dusks, azure skies, opaline lakes, fields of yellowing corn, alternated by deep green potato beds, blue ribbons of meandering rivers, eye-catching pink and red rhododendrons, snow-white summits and birds of vivid plumage.

Well-connected to different parts of the country, Kumaon hills are a treasure-house for the tourists, trekkers and pilgrims alike.


  • Limit deforestation, make no open fires and discourage others from doing so. Use kerosene or fuel efficient wood stoves. Use of firewood should be minimised.

  • Carry away all non - degradable litter and burn or bury paper before leaving any spot. Extinguish any burning cigarette butts and dispose off glass-bottles properly. They should not be left lying in the open but should be covered or buried.

  • Avoid using polythene. If you do, do not throw it away, but collect it separately.

  • Take permission before taking photographs and respect privacy and security of the nation.

  • Observe the rules and regulations when visiting holy sites.

  • Propagate and pursue conservation in cooperation with fellow tourists, guides and porters.
  • Avoid using pollutants, such as detergents, in streams or springs.

  • Abstain from graffiti and contribute in keeping the locale clean.

  • Allow the flora and fauna to flourish in its natural environment. Taking away of cuttings, seeds and roots is illegal in many parts of the Himalayas.

  • Don't indulge in any activity which is not acceptable by local norms and values. Local customs must be respected.