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Welcome to District of Pithoragarh

Pellentesque Mother Nature has been rather generous in the distribution of a very rich hydrographic features of irresistible beauty to district Pithoragarh traditionally held to be the chosen abode of the divine deities, cascading waterfalls, the splendid glaciers, natural reservoirs enclosed by fantastic variety of vegetation, serene lakes and noisy flamboyant rivers are all a part of the rugged charm that the district possesses to such a stupendous degree.

Once the bastion of the Chand rulers, Pithoragarh town is littered with temples and forts belonging to that era. The town is set in a valley popularly known as and lies in the centre of four hills Chandak, Dhwaj, Kumdar and Thal Kedar, and stretches in the southern flank to Jhulaghat demarcated by the Kali river adjoining the barren peaks of Nepal Hills. It is snuggled in the folds of four kots Bhatkot, Dungerkot, Udaikot and Unchakot.

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